Terms & Conditions

* At all times children are the responsibility of the supervising adult/hirer. O.L.B Inflatables does not provide services of supervision to children using the inflatables.


* No food or beverages may be taken on or consumed on the play equipment. Chewing gum is forbidden.


* Smoking is strictly prohibited on or around the equipment at all times.


* Threatening or intimidating behaviour towards any of our staff or other customers will not be tolerated, and will be reported to the police.


* Anyone deemed to be under the influence of intoxicating beverages or illegal substances will be refused hire of our equipment.


* O.L.B Inflatables does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged possessions.


* All children & adults participate at their own risk. O.L.B Inflatables does not accept liability for loss or injury of whatever nature, caused through misuses of the equipment or lack of parental supervision or failure to comply with the terms and conditions.


* Drop offs of equipment must take place on the time of the agreed booking slot. Extra time cannot be added to the end of a hire due to late set up.


* The hirer must ensure that the area for set up is clear prior to our arrival for set up.


* The hirer must provide access to a standard 3-pin household electrical socket (we provide 13m of cable to enable us to reach your socket, anything over that please have additional cabling of your own), unless hiring our generator for use in a remote location


* The hirer agrees to inform all members of the group that the event is booked and of all the terms and conditions and agrees to ensure that the conditions are adhered to.


* O.L.B Inflatables will not take responsibility for any delay in reaching any venue due to road works, traffic delays or any other highway hazard.


* Should the team be unable to reach your party location due to a mechanical/electrical fault on our vehicles, O.L.B Inflatables will inform you as soon as possible, and will offer an alternative date. Clients must ensure O.L.B Inflatables have the correct contact details for the party booker at all times.


* When inflatables are booked for hire the price quoted will NOT include any parking charges, these additional charges will be made the responsibility of the Hirer along with any fines arising from the failure to pay these charges.


* The hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to inflatables by any member of the party bookers group. The party booker will also be responsible for any damage caused as a result of incitement. You also have to ensure that you and your group do not behave in such a way that puts safety to others at risk, or means that damage to the equipment may occur.


* No Animals are allowed on equipment at any time.


* The hirer is responsible to ensure that everyone in their party wears suitable clothing. The hirer/booker must ensure that all necklaces, chains and any other jewellery are removed from all party members before playing.


* The Hirer must ensure and is responsible for ensuring that all outdoor footwear is removed when entering the equipment.


* The Hirer must ensure there is adult supervision at all times.


* Safety is our paramount concern, therefore if any of our staff see members of your group jeopardizing our safety policy they will be entitled to remove them from the equipment.


* O.L.B Inflatables does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, inconvenience, injury or death arising from any accident, breakdown or delay attributable to reasons beyond the control of the seller.


* If O.L.B Inflatables deem it unsafe to continue with our arranged booking due to adverse weather, we are fully within our rights to do so and will provide as much notice to the hirer as possible. The hirer will be offered an alternative date for their booking.


* If hiring our soft play or toddler activity pen you are required to collect up and bag the balls at the end of your hire. A charge of £20 will be added to your hire if this is not completed when team arrive for collection.




* Terms and conditions are subject to change. Please check before participating.


* Outside access/gate access is required for all garden bookings. We will not take items through your property. A minimum access of 90cm is required except when booking out laser tag, helter skelter and assault course which require twice the standard gate access width.


***** Failure to measure the required space and assure the item you have hired fits in the space will result in the hirer paying a FULL booking fee*****



* O.L.B Inflatables will not be liable (other than liability for death or personal injury resulting from the Seller's negligence) for loss, injury or damage caused by third parties provided by the Seller where such loss, injury or damage arises from the act of omission of the third party.


* O.L.B Inflatables liability to the Hirer (other than liability for death or personal injury resulting from the Seller's negligence) for any loss or damage of any nature: (a) arising from any breach of the Conditions; or (b) any negligence, breach of statutory or other duty on the part of O.L.B Inflatables; or (c) in any other way out of or in connection with the non-performance of or purported non-performance of, or failure to perform the Services in accordance with the Conditions will be limited to no more than the total cost of the booking.


* The Contract is between O.L.B Inflatables and the Hirer as principals and may not be assigned by the Hirer without the express written consent of the Seller.


* O.L.B Inflatables is in default of any of its obligations hereunder, it shall not be liable where such default is due to any act of God, war, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest, snow, mechanical breakdown or any other event beyond the reasonable control of the Seller. In such circumstances, the Seller shall give notice to the Hirer where possible, and be entitled to retain the initial deposits and be released from performance of its obligations hereunder to the extent the event of supervening impossibility prevents or restricts the Seller's performance.


Weather Conditions

We watch the weather closely leading up to your booking.


If we deem it necessary we will provide you with a wind speed measurement device (an Anemometer) for the purposes of safeguarding against inflatable use in high winds.


The maximum wind speed in which an inflatable can be used is 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24 mph.


You will be provided a simple demonstration that comprehensively covers the use and operation of the Anemometer.


You understand it is your responsibility to be aware of changing wind conditions and record the wind speed in the immediate vicinity of the inflatables location. Should the recorded wind speed approach 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24 mph or higher, you MUST quickly and safely evacuate the users and the inflatable device turned off.


Using the instructions demonstrated to operate the Anemometer, wind speed recordings are required to be completed every 30 minutes (or more frequently if there is any indication of wind speed increasing) by a competent persons (aged 18+) supervising the use of the inflatable device.


Following the demonstration, the first recording has been made for you by the operator.


Indication that wind speed is increasing could be (but are not limited to): Wind is raising dust and loose paper, small branches are moved, small trees in leaf begin to sway.


As stated above, if the recorded speed is 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24 mph or above, then all users should be evacuated from the inflatable as quickly and safely as possible with the inflatable then being turned off.


The inflatable should not be turned on until wind speeds have been consecutively and consistently recorded at less than 20mph for 30 minutes, taken at 5 minute intervals for the 30 minute duration.


If at any time any recorded wind speed is higher than 17mph then recordings must increase in frequency to every 5 minutes for a period of 30 minutes. This frequency may only return to every 30 minutes when there have been recordings consistently below 18mph for the entire 30 minute period and each recording is below 18mph.


If any time you are unable to take a wind recording for any reason, inflatable use must cease and desist with the inflatable being powered off after all users have been evacuated quickly and safely.


If at any time the Anemometer ceases to function, please contact us immediately for advice.


The sheet provided to you is to be used for recording the wind speed at previously stated intervals of frequency. The time of each recording must also be noted.


You understand it is your responsibility to carry out and record these wind recordings at regular intervals, and to carry out the safe and quick evacuation, should the wind conditions approach or reach 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24 mph.

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